Hummus with tahini, spices, pine nuts and olive oil 255
Hummus with falafel, harisa and soft boiled egg 380
Hummus with mushrooms and onions 340
Hummus with pulled beef and almond 390
Hummus with cherry tomatoes and crispy pita bread 370
Hummus with eggplant and dried tomatoes 360

*hummus served with 2 pita vegetable sticks + 100

DIZENGOF99 Chef's salad: greens, artichokes, 510
oven baked tomatoes, feta and truffle oil

Tabbouleh salad with dates, olives, bulgur and couscous 360

Israeli style vegetable salad with feta and falafel 290

Chicken salad with vegetables, mushrooms 520
and honey mustard sauce

Aubergine "pie" with halumi cheese, harisa and yogurt 380

Meat stuffed pita (arais) with pulled beef and greens 470

Cod croquettes with sweet and sour sauce 320

Falafel with thina (9) 290

Winter sweet potato soup with lamb sausages 280

Chicken soup with typical israeli mini croutons 250

Israeli Set 3/6 395/750
served with pitas
hummus/canned tuna with
dried cranberry/ avocado with eggs/
white bean hummus with onion jam
/egg salad with relish/matbucha with eggplant

Duck leg with soft egg, date sause and twice baked potato 745

Harissa cheeseburger served with french fries 450

Seafood mix in curry sauce served with rice/bread 780

Croissant with beef bacon, egg salad and pineapple 390

Falafel in pita 350

Our chef ́s special schnitzel with creamy mashed potatoes 490

Baked sweet potato loaded with avocado and pomegranate 360

Spiced cod over fresh pea mash and salad 520

Bagel with tuna salad and pickles 390

Sabih in pita - fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg, 350
potatо, tahini sause and amba

Knafeh with pistachio 320
Brownie with nuts 250
Orange cake 290
Ice cream 100

Israeli style breakfast 580
2 eggs of your choice (omelette, sunny
side up, scrambled, boiled)
bread basket
hummus, egg salad, tuna, cream cheese, feta, avocado mousse, jam,
israeli style vegetable salad, yogurt with granola, bread basket
Apple/Orange juice/ Americano (Cappuccino +70) / Tea "Wissotzky" / glass of apple cider/mimosa

Dizengof Breakfast for two 1450
2 eggs of your choice (omelette,sunny side up, scrambled, boiled) -2
pita bread and bun basket
Apple/Orange juice -2
Americano/ Tea "Wissotzky"-2
Yoghurt granola-2
Tea Wissotzky / Americano - 2
Cider/Mimosa - 2
Gravlax (salmon), hummus, tomato sauce matbucha with eggplant, tuna, egg salad, cream cheese, feta cheese with za'atar, nutella, avocado mousse, Israeli salad, jam

Shakshouka - eggs baked in a delicious tomato matbucha sauce
Served witsh pita bread and butter
- Classic - 2 eggs 345
- Calamari and burned romano 450
- Three-Cheese 450
- Eggplant, tahini and fried halumi 450
- Lamb sausage 390

Poached egg avocado toast 280

Omega Breakfast 370
Gravlax (salmon), avocado slices,
labne cream cheese, bun + Wissotzky tea/americano/juice

Sweet potato and shrimp frittata with parmesan and mozzarella 420
Broccoli, leek and spinach frittata with parmesan and mozzarella 365


750ml/125 ml


Cava Jaume Serra Brut Rose 1800/300
NV Catalonia, Spain

Maschio di Cavalieri Prosecco Extra Dry NV 1650/275
Treviso, Italia

Cava Jaume Serra Brut 1800/275
NV Catalonia, Spain

Hermon Mount 1800/300
2016 Galilee, Israel

Tarquino Sauvignon Blanc 1650/275
2018 Mendoza, Argentina

Gewurztraminer Yarden 380/2280
2017 Galilee, Israel

Gamla Chardonnay 370 / 2220
2017 Galilee, Israel

Mt. Tabor Chardonnay 410 / 2460
2017 Galilee, Israel

Vidal-Fleury Cotes du Rhone 2350
2016 Rhone Valley, France

Hermon Mount 1800/300
2017 Galilee, Israel

Leonardo Chianti 1500/250
2017 Tuskany, Italy

La boscana DO Costers del Serge 1800/300
2017 Catalonia, Spain

Boschendal Larone Shiraz Mourvedre 1650/275
2016 Western Cape, South Africa

Mt. Tabor Shiraz 410 / 2460
2016 Galilee, Israel

Hot Alcoholic Beverages

Red mulled wine with grapefruit 470
(based on israeli wine Hermont Mount)

Peanut Butter Rum 420

Bullfinch 380

Coco-choko 420

Clementine 380
tangerine-gin-apple cider

Hot spiced cider 330


Mimosa 200 ml 300
cava, orange juice

Aperol Spritz 300 ml 410

Summer Punch 1 l 1100
cider, gin,
peach liquor, cherry, orange juice

Spiced rum punch 190 ml 450
spiced rum, ginger ale, passionfruit, soda

Gin Tonic 200 ml 350


Vodka Ketel One 250
Rum Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 250
Jagermeister 250
Джин Hayman's London dry gin 250
Whiskey"Bulleit" Rye 400
Whiskey"Buillet" Bourbon 350
Bourbon Jim Beam 300
Whiskey Bowmore "Legend" Islay Single Malt 380
Lagavulin Single Malt 16 500

BEER 500ml/300ml
DIZENGOF99 (Russia) lager 240/160
Mort Subite (Belgium) cherry 375/250
PALM (Belgium) amber ale 355/250
Cornish GOLD cider (England) dry 375/250
Clausthaler (Germany) non alcoholic 270
Cilantro Louisiana Cornish Cider 350 ml 270


Classic lemon lemonade (lemonada) 180/95
Classic lemonade with mint (lemonana) 180/95
Hibiscus Tea - Pomegranate 400 ml 260
Three Citrus Fruits and Pear 400 ml 240

Espresso 120
Americano 140
Cappuccino 250
Latte 280
Spicy milk coffee 300
Hot chocolate with marshmallows 280
Raf 300
Citrus raf 330

Hot tea

Assam golden 210
Earl Grey 210
Sencha 210
Ginseng oolong 210
Herbal tea with thyme and lemongrass 330
Raspberry-ginger 330
Blueberry-rosemary 330
Cranberry-clove 330

Bottled lemonade 0,5
- Green Mint
- Hibiscus
- Green Tea

Yellow Smoothie 400ml 320
mango, avocado, coco, dried cranberries and orange fresh

Courage 400 ml 300
pineapple, pear, spinach, lemon

Green shake 400 ml 320
kale, kiwi, banana, almond milk, oatmeal and flax seeds

Cold pressed juices 200 ml 220 apple/carrot/celery/orange/grapefruit

Juice Pago 200 ml 150

Borzhomi 500 ml 220

Coca-cola / Coca-cola zero 150

(Сhistye prudy / Kitay-gorod)
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